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Who’s On Your Selection Committee?

Posted by Halley Cooksey, RN on May 14, 2014 @ 06:03 PM

For football lovers (which if you recall, I am not) the hopes and dreams of their favorite team winning a Super Bowl began to take form with the recently completed official NFL draft. My husband, the notorious arm-chair quarterback, is jazzed that his beloved Cleveland Browns have drafted Mr. Football aka Johnny Manziel.

I, on the other hand, feel ambiguous about it, but if it is one less play called from his recliner this year then I am psyched too! But I have to admit that from the non-football lover’s perspective, I find all the strategy that goes into making the right draft picks interesting. Whether it’s trading a first round pick for two or three second round picks, or aligning draft picks for a better position next year, all this strategizing got me thinking about how this relates to healthcare.

It makes me wonder how much strategy is in place when a hospital chooses the “selection committee” for evaluating new technology. The obvious choices are the CMIO and CNIO, and a few representatives from the IT department, including the clinical analysts. However, I think that somewhere in the midst of this “selection committee draft”, staff nurses are overlooked and often undervalued. This ignores the reality that if nurses don’t like a new technology, chances are they won’t use it and will block every attempt at being forced to adopt it.

Today’s nurses are savvy. They’ve been around the technology block a few times before. Their playbook and criteria are often very different than the “draft selections” who come to the decision making table. Technology that doesn’t integrate well into their workflow is the greatest interference in their shift. Equally relevant, they know that their objective is to save lives. The less time nurses have to spend in a “huddle” or calling “time out” to figure out how to make something work, the happier they are. Everyone knows that a happy nurse makes for a happy biomed team, a happy IT team and, most important, a happy patient.


So how are decisions made in your organization?

Are staff nurses included at any stage of the new technology selection process?

What lessons learned and success – or horror – stories can you share about nursing engagement or the lack thereof?


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