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VIDEO: Rick Valencia, Qualcomm Life SVP, chats acquisition of Capsule

Posted by Capsule on Sep 25, 2015 @ 03:57 PM

Vision for medical-grade connectivity in the hospital, at home and all points in between

In this 3-minute video, Rick Valencia shares the thinking behind Qualcomm Life's "Internet of Medical Things" strategy and the benefits of Capsule's SmartLinx MDIS and Qualcomm Life's 2net vendor-neutral platforms. Combining the platforms’ respective core competencies in medical device connectivity and integration will help enable disparate systems from hospital to home to seamlessly provide medical device data that can improve the delivery of patient care.

Play button0:39 Powering the Internet of Medical Things.

Play button1:32 Together, Building One of the World's Largest Open Health Ecosystems.

Play button2:41 Ushering in a New Era in Health Care.

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