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Capsule named Surgical Information Systems Partner of the Year

Posted by Capsule on Aug 26, 2015 @ 03:47 PM

Award Presented at GO!2015 

CapsuleTech was honored to receive the SIS Partner of the Year award for its DataCaptor and SmartLinx Medical Device Information System® solutions that provide electronic delivery of patient vitals from the OR or PACU.  Clients using Capsule and SIS solutions have improved patient data availability, increased clinician job satisfaction, and have seen a reduction in documentation times.

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Not all superheroes wear capes

Posted by Susan Niemeier, MHA, BSN, RN on May 06, 2015 @ 09:00 AM

Talent, compassion, discipline, imagination, ability to perform under pressure – most of us would be happy to claim one of these characteristics. But to rightfully claim a few of them, or all of them… that’s an honor reserved for a nurse!

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Capsule’s Final Four® reasons to connect at HIMSS 2015

Posted by Capsule on Apr 02, 2015 @ 04:00 AM

There are more than a handful of reasons to connect with Capsule at this year’s HIMSS Conference in Chicago, IL, and none of them include the Samsung Tablet we are giving away. With less than 10 days to showtime, we have narrowed the list down to the top four.

1. Meet around a table, not a kiosk

With two private conference rooms, tables for eight, presentation monitors, and snack amenities to ensure our conversations are clear, engaging, and efficient, we're ready to host you. (We understand we are not the only people you need to meet with.) To make it easy, schedule a appointment ahead of time.

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Medical Device Integration: Only for the “Big Dogs”?

Posted by Jody Bregler on May 28, 2014 @ 06:26 PM

As we prepare for the 2014 International MUSE Conference, I think it is appropriate to comment on the role of medical device integration (MDI) in today’s healthcare information technology infrastructure. There are some who believe that MDI is something reserved for the “big dogs” because they have hundreds of devices and beds, and dozens of departments throughout their enterprise that feed data to EMR systems. But, in reality, device integration is not only for the biggest and “baddest” dogs. It is just as suitable for the small and mighty in healthcare as well.

Small- and medium-sized hospitals can successfully take advantage of MDI solutions that will deliver important patient information to the flow sheet, while reducing the need for clinical staff to manually chart the patient data. And, of course, in addition to the clinical benefits of having these data in the EMR in near real-time, MDI allows the clinical staff to increase the amount of time to deliver more direct care to the patient. In hospitals where staffing resources may be even tighter than larger hospitals, this extra time afforded to patient care is a valuable commodity.

A true medical device information system is compatible with hundreds of medical devices and can transmit data to virtually any EMR system. Capsule, for example, has successfully integrated with EMRs at all sizes of healthcare organizations, including many MEDITECH systems with Client/Server, MAGIC, and 6.0 versions with deployments in the OR, ICU, Med-surg, PACU and many other areas of the healthcare environment.

Visit us at this year’s MUSE Conference at (Booth 205) to learn more about Capsule’s deployment setup for a MEDITECH system and to see our featured new products, Vitals Stream with Secure Association (positive patient identification) and Chart Xpress with Early Warning Scoring System in action. Stop by to see how Capsule can provide MDI solutions for “dogs” of all sizes.

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