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Capsule's DDI Nomenclature Explained

Posted by Renaud Capolunghi

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on Jun 25, 2015 2:14:12 PM

Have you ever wondered how we create our device driver interface names? If so, here is a quick explanation of Capsule's naming nomenclature.

Manufacturer's Name

This is the name of the manufacturer at the time of the DDI’s original creation. Even though some DDIs now have a different manufacturer, we keep the original manufacturer’s name in the DDI route for backward compatibility.

Device Group

All of the devices that fall under the same DDI are related either by a manufacturer’s product line or device type. These device groups are identified at the end of the DDI name either by capital letters (A,B,C,D,..) or by a more descriptive text chain. When we add support for a new device that has the same manufacturer, we determine whether we should add it to an existing DDI, or create a new one.

DDI Version

This is the version of the DDI. In above the example,

  • 5 represents the major version of the DDI. Version 5 DDIs are compatible with any DataCaptor 5.x, 6.x or SmartLinx 7.x versions of Capsule products.
  • 0 represents the minor version of the DDI. It has been used in a very few legacy DDIs and is now reserved for future use.
  • 7 represents the release version. It is incremented at each new release.
NOTE: In some cases, the DDI version may include a fourth digit that represents the build version. This is for internal use only.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact our Professional Services Team.

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