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Encore for National Nurses Week: Second generation RN shares her story

Posted by Cathleen Olguin, MBA, BSN, RN, CNOR on May 13, 2016 @ 12:34 PM


Celebrate National Nurses Week 2016!

Editor's note: We have had so much fun celebrating National Nurses Week by sharing our nurses stories and viewpoints, we wanted to keep it up for one more day, an encore performence you might say. (And it's a great excuse to share her nursing school photo!)

Q: What do you love most about nursing?

I love being a nurse because of what nurses do to care for patients, their families, and the community. Nursing requires a tremendous amount of strength, compassion, and empathy. We truly have the patient’s best interest at heart.

I was inspired to become a nurse because of my mom. She was a nurse for many years and I always admired the compassion she delivered to her patients. I started volunteering in hospitals at a very early age, exposing myself to the everyday tasks that nurses faced on a day to day basis. It was a rewarding experience and led me to nursing as a career. 

The nursing profession has certainly evolved, allowing us to expand to other roles that have an impact on patient care. For a majority of my career, I spent my time as an operating room nurse.  But as my career has evolved, I have been able to leverage my years of experience in the OR into the healthcare IT space.

Q: How has technology benefited you? Delivered value? 

Technology has changed how we deliver patient care, assess, and evaluate patients. The introduction of electronic medical records has changed how we capture and share patient information and has enabled more efficient communication.

I remember receiving critical patient information over the telephone, through pneumatic tubes and via couriers who delivered envelopes with tests and laboratory results. I would send specimens to the laboratory and have to wait for the technician to call me back with the information to relay to the surgeon or anesthesiologist. Now, clinicians can go directly to the electronic medical record and the information is there immediately.

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