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PODCAST: Don't hit the snooze button on alarm management

Posted by Capsule on Aug 26, 2015 @ 11:35 AM

John Elms

Convergence & Collaboration Podcast: Episode 1

Listen to this episode of Capsule’s Convergence & Collaboration Show to discover the many ways clinical and operational data created by medical devices can be used to improve patient safety and patient satisfaction. Capsule VP of Product Management and Marketing, Kevin Phillips and John Elms, President of Connexall USA discuss the negative consequences of alarm mismanagement, how to prioritize alarms both in number and type, and ideas on how to reduce alarm hazards. This 15 minute conversation is especially timely in light of the Joint Commission’s fast approaching January 2016 deadline requiring hospitals to establish alarms as an organization priority and to identify the most important alarms to manage.

John Elms answers key questions and shares his recommendations for reducing alarm hazards.

In this episode we search for answers to the following questions:

• Why is there so much attention placed on alarm management and alarm fatigue?
• What are the unintended consequences of alarm mis-management?
• What is the process for identifying alarm types, capturing and analyzing current alarm data to optimize alarms, workflow, and notifications?
• Where do hospitals start to optimize their alarm management system?

Listen or download the entire interview now. The podcast is 15 minutes long, the perfect length to listen to during your daily commute, lunch break, or a brisk walk.

Did you know?

The benefits of medical device integration with alarm management middleware is critical to patient safety, patient satisfaction, and patient care. Here are some quick stats to consider:

ECRI Institute identifies Alarm Hazards (Inadequate Alarm Configuration Policies and Practices) as the number one (#1) Patient Safety Concerns for 2015
• The Joint Commission’s requires hospitals to establish alarms as an organization priority and identify the most important alarms to manage by January 2016
• Johns Hopkins Hospital counted a total of 59,000 alarms over a 12-day observation period, an average of 350 alarms per patient per day.

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Guest: John Elms, Connexall USA, Inc.

John Elms is the President of Connexall USA, Inc. and is an accomplished executive with twenty-plus years of senior management in the high tech industry including CEO roles at a public company, a venture-backed startup, and his own entrepreneurial ventures.  His deep expertise in operations, sales & marketing and finance coupled with exceptional communication skills allow him to create rapid transformational change in the companies at which, and with which, he works.

Host: Kevin Phillips, CapsuleTech, Inc..

Kevin Phillips is VP of Product Management and Marketing and has over 10 years of experience in various roles within the healthcare, medical device and diagnostic industries. He oversees the Company's global marketing, communications and product management activities. Prior to joining Capsule, Mr. Phillips held positions at TransMedics and PathoGenetix (formerly US Genomics). His career has been focused on new product development, product marketing, market analysis, strategic alliances, corporate operations, and sales..

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