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Posted by Monica Demers on May 28, 2015 @ 10:24 AM

Blog Series: Medical device integration addresses multiple health technology hazards

Today’s broad array of sophisticated medical devices helps save countless lives. But nothing’s perfect—just ask your biomedical engineering team!  The management of device operations from an engineering standpoint can be difficult and time consuming in a busy, every-changing hospital environment.  Proper management of medical devices ensures patient safety, while safeguarding the value of costly device assets.  But, according to ECRI’s Top 10 Technology Hazard List, as the number of devices in hospitals expands, they often find themselves overwhelmed by the sheer volume of device recall and safety alerts.

From device malfunctions to software upgrades and power supply issues, engineering teams need help in tracking the health of medical devices and addressing issues before they have consequences on patient care. Automation of a device recall and safety alert program helps make the most of your engineering team’s time while helping to protect your investment in costly technology. 

This is another important way data from medical devices can be used to help hospitals address health technology hazards, while speeding accurate device data to the EHR.

Technology is great when it can maximize the value of data to not just the clinicians that care for patients, but also to the Clinical Engineering teams that support the devices they use. 

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