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INFOGRAPHIC: The Power of Medical Device Data

Posted by Capsule on Jul 15, 2015 @ 02:46 PM

Only 10% of ventilator device data is used by healthcare organizations

As the global industry leader in medical device information systems (MDIS), Capsule has an exceptional view of this unique domain in the healthcare IT industry. Today, an average 200-bed hospital manages hundreds of medical devices generating millions of data variables each day for hundreds of patients. For example, a typical ventilator generates a staggering 305 data parameters per second. With all of this data produced from just a ventilator (imagine the amount of data for patients attached to multiple devices), only 10% is being used and sent to an electronic medical record (EMR) for automated charting. Hence, the question…
What could be done with the other 90% of data?

Healthcare enterprises now recognize the value of integrating medical device data for comprehensive and timely data analysis to drive informed clinical and operational decisions. The infographic below highlights the power of a vendor-neutral medical device information system to go beyond simply sending data to an EMR by automating the capture and sorting of the voluminous amount of data gathered from medical devices. Then, through powerful integration capabilities, specific data can be shared with other healthcare applications and systems for alarm notification, patient surveillance, clinical decision support, and even the management of the device assets themselves, all together helping to improve patient care.



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