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Healthcare technology can be hazardous to your health

Posted by Monica Demers on Mar 29, 2015 @ 02:07 PM

Blog Series: Medical device integration addresses multiple health technology hazards


Caution: Healthcare technology can be hazardous to your health—if it isn’t managed properly, that is. No organization knows this better than the ECRI Institute—the nationally recognized nonprofit that researches the best approaches to improving patient care.  Each year, ECRI’s Top 10 Health Technology Hazards List has been helping providers identify and address major technology-related problems that can impede clinician effectiveness and compromise patient safety.

Not surprisingly, the 2015 list contains many common problems that have been cited in the past.  But what may be surprising is the underlying theme –medical device data, when utilized to its fullest extent, can help overcome many of these issues. Beyond physiological data capture and transmission to an EMR, medical devices also contain technical information such as alarm data, individualized settings, other valuable data that can be utilized for many purposes.  In this blog series, we’ll highlight various types of data that can help reduce these health technology hazards to benefit patient care.

Q: Meanwhile, does your hospital experience any common problems as a side effect of technology?  How have you addressed these?.


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