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Harnessing the Power of Medical Device Data 

Posted by Capsule on Sep 29, 2015 @ 04:00 AM


CHALLENGE: Optimizing the management and use of medical device data

Government mandates, quality initiatives, and incentives have encouraged healthcare delivery organizations to more rapidly implement information technology throughout their respective enterprises, especially when it comes to automating the documentation of patient care in their electronic medical records.  Only recently, though, have they begun to realize the unique value of medical device data elements — a combination of physiologic data, therapeutic device settings, and alarm information — to provide powerful clinical and operational insight and support, and to drive other applications essential to patient care and safety.

However, efficiently and effectively unlocking the power of medical device data across a hospital’s entire network can be daunting. Many healthcare IT professionals are unaware of a proven methodology capable of not only automating the collection of that data, but also managing, organizing and simultaneously distributing specific data elements to downstream systems.

SOLUTION: Introducing the Medical Device Information System

Delivering the RIGHT patient data, to the RIGHT healthcare personnel at the RIGHT time is essential to realizing the full value of medical device information and to delivering the highest quality of care. To accomplish this, hospitals require a standardized method of collecting, analyzing and distributing data from multiple sources across the continuum of care—in short, they need a system.

Medical Device Information System Whitepaper

Capsule has written a six-page paper to provide you with a quick introduction to a Medical Device Information System: the challenges it can solve and, most important, the wide array of applications and complementary systems it can deliver medical device data to, helping to improve patient care delivery.

Access the paper by clicking the link above or the white paper image.





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