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Eyeing Technology Development in 2020... Machine Learning Algorithms

Posted by Stuart Long, CMSO on Jan 13, 2014 @ 10:00 AM

"Looking ahead, the first technology that we believe will drive the future of healthcare is in the area of Machine Learning algorithms, also known as artificial intelligence, neural networks or massively trained artificial neural networks. Given the amount of information being collected from patients in various care settings, the need to provide surveillance and intelligent decision support and/or computer-aided diagnosis to further improve patient care will become imperative. Additionally, the use of this data to ensure early detection and maintain patient’s health will become paramount as the need to understand the enormity of data across such broad environments will exceed the capacity of a single human or care team.

This will be an evolution of existing analytics solutions, and our expectations is that machine learning technologies will become required to ensure the creation of a data overload safety net.

Utilizing this information we expect the plethora of medical devices to become intelligent in their own design and utilize a level of awareness to the big data analytics to understand, recommend and adjust based upon a patient’s real-time medical condition. We fully expect the wireless body area network (WBAN) to become as routine as a Wi-Fi network in a consumers home. This will be an enhancement to today’s early stage medical devices that are now becoming wearable."


Stuart's commentary is directly quoted from Rick Dana Barlow's article "Eyeing tech development in 2020" in the January 2014 HMT Think Tank on Health Management Technology.

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