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CEO shares news: Capsule is now a Qualcomm Life company

Posted by Gene Cattarina on Sep 14, 2015 @ 08:09 AM


It is with great excitement that I announce that Qualcomm Life has acquired Capsule Technologie. Going forward, we will continue to be known as “Capsule” but all mentions of the company will include the tagline, “a Qualcomm Life company”.  Qualcomm Life is part of a large public entity, Qualcomm, Inc. (NASDAQ: QCOM), with the resources to support and facilitate the further development and evolution of our products and services.

Who are Qualcomm and Qualcomm Life?

For more than 30 years Qualcomm has been a world leader in wireless technologies, driving the evolution of digital communications. Qualcomm Life, a wholly-owned subsidiary, has applied this expertise to mobilize medical device connectivity in the home and other remote care environments. At the core of Qualcomm Life’s solutions is its vendor-neutral 2net™ Platform, a cloud-based platform that captures and delivers near real-time data from practically any wireless medical device and  stores it in a secure, interoperable system.

Vendor-neutral collaboration continues

As healthcare continues to move outside the hospital, the convergence of hospital-based and remote data has become a key step in helping power new care models. The need for this data to be more accessible is a primary motivation in the quest to provide informed and continuous care from the hospital to the home and all points in between.  By combining Qualcomm Life’s innovation in remote settings with Capsule’s global leadership in device connectivity in hospitals and integrated delivery systems, we will expand our reach to become a vendor-neutral provider of medical device data connectivity, integration and analytics that power informed care across the care continuum.

Looking ahead

We will soon be able to offer a portfolio of connectivity solutions that:

  • Captures medical device data from anywhere a patient is located, from hospital to home and all points in between
  • Provides an FDA-conforming platform in support of an ecosystem of patient-centric medical devices
  • Integrates medical device data not only into clinical documentation systems, but into additional applications such as alarm management, patient surveillance, and population health management

All of us at Capsule look forward to continuing as part of the Qualcomm Life family in taking device connectivity, data management and integration capabilities to unprecedented levels.

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