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Be Prepared!

Posted by Cyndi Coyne, RN on Sep 22, 2015 @ 04:00 AM

Proud Mom and NurseIn addition to being a nurse, I have been the proud mom to a Boy Scout for quite some time now.  He absolutely loves the Scouts and it’s been a wonderful experience for him.  I have to admit, he is growing and maturing into quite a fine young man and, with the help of great Scout Masters as well as a lot of hard work on his part, he’s developed leadership skills that he would’ve had a hard time acquiring outside of Scouts.  His ultimate goal is to become an Eagle Scout.  He is well on his way and I have no doubt he will attain it.

Meaningful motto

As is commonly known, the Boy Scout motto is “Be Prepared.”  Not only great advice for Boy Scouts but just about everyone else as well.  Being prepared means having the right tools, the right knowledge, the right training, and the right information at the right time. 

As nursing students, we spent countless hours in the classroom, the nursing lab, and hands-on with patients during clinicals in order to build the foundation of knowledge needed to prepare us to care for our patients.  As we moved on after graduation and our pinning ceremonies to become real nurses in the real world, experience became our teacher and added to our knowledge banks.  In addition, journal articles, conferences, in-services, and continuing education further broadened our skill base.  Being a nurse means the learning never ends since the science and art of medicine and best practices continually change and we must constantly be prepared.

The right information, at the right time, leads to right decisions

Along with knowledge, nurses need the right information about their patients to be readily available and accessible at the right time.  Nurses are burdened enough and there’s no time to hunt down vital information.  With the right information at the right time the right decisions can be made. 

In recent years, there’s been an enormous surge in the adoption and modernization of EHRs. There’s also been a dramatic increase in the automatic collection of data from the many medical devices that monitor and care for patients every day.  More data is being collected than ever before.  But are you making the most of all of that data?  Could it be used more effectively if given to the entire healthcare team when they need it to help make patient care decisions?  What about using it to help inform caregivers of a potential problem?  

Today, bringing together the right information at the right time with the right knowledge and skill allows nurses the best opportunity to provide outstanding and exceptional patient care! Information is essential to our being prepared.

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