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Are your care decisions based on comprehensive and accurate data?

Posted by Monica Demers on May 12, 2015 @ 05:00 AM

Blog Series: Medical device integration addresses multiple health technology hazards

To err is human--and we are all human after all.  So errors in transcription of medical device data do happen.  Too often, clinicians busy caring for patients scribble down information on slips of paper that may be illegible or are lost by the end of a shift.  Mistakes also happen as data is keyed into an EHR. 

ECRI noted incorrect or absent EHR data as another one of its top 10 Health Technology Hazards.  It goes without saying that lack of data integrity compromises clinician effectiveness and patient safety.  Through Medical Device Integration, data can be transferred directly from medical devices into the EHR and other systems, eliminating human transcription error and helping ensure overall data accuracy and completeness.  In addition, information can be made available to caregivers in near real time to drive faster and better care.

Q: Do you follow any special procedures to ensure the data you record is accurate and timely?  Are these steps effective?


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