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Are you aware that your patient’s ventilator has just disconnected?

Posted by Monica Demers on May 19, 2015 @ 11:34 AM

Blog Series: Medical device integration addresses multiple health technology hazards

It’s a thorny issue that’s difficult to defend.  Bedside ventilators become disconnected with some frequency, and the results are often fatal. The device alarms that should notify caregivers about a problem may be incorrectly set or overlooked in the noisy bustle of the hospital floor.  ECRI ranked ventilator disconnection as a Top 10 Health Hazard.

Integrating ventilator to an alarm management system can remedy this difficult problem by notifying the appropriate clinicians when they alarm.  Ventilator warnings should be set to the highest alarm priority with rapid escalation, addressing this major safety hazard through smart use of advanced technology. 

Question: How does your hospital prioritize ventilator alarms?


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