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National Nurses Week: Nine reasons why I love being a nurse

Posted by Karen Lund, RN on May 12, 2016 @ 03:02 PM


Celebrate National Nurses Week 2016!

Editor's note: In celebration of National Nurses Week, we asked Karen Lund, RN at Qualcomm Life to share what she loves about the nursing profession. It quickly turned into a David Letterman like Top 10 List.

Q: What do I love most about my profession?

#9. The variety. There are many different career paths and specialties, and every work day is different.  Changing jobs within the career is relatively simple so you can continue to grow.

#8. Making a difference in peoples' lives. It’s a birth to death career choice and has the whole spectrum of good to bad.  You have a different perspective about life than others outside of healthcare and realize very quickly what’s important in life.

#7. In my current position, being an advocate for patients and other clinicians.

#6. Nursing brings value to my life because I learn something new every day.

#5. It feeds my adrenalin junkie personality. I like thinking critically and making quick, impactful decisions.

#4. The science of it all. The human body works in some very cool and varied ways.

#3. I’ve been kicked, choked, spit on and had various excrement thrown at me. But those moments of joy, love, human perseverance, and bringing someone back to life are more precious.

#2. It’s a challenging job mentally, physically and emotionally. Problem solving, creativity and resourcefulness are valued.

…and the number one reason I love being a nurse is

#1. Dark and inappropriate humor with my fellow nurses!

What do you love about being a nurse?

Share your story with us!

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